Unable to Stop Trend Micro from Scanning

Posted by John, on 11:24 AM
Trend Micro Writer

The quick full scanning of Trend Micro software stops and hangs at some level. And when you tap on Stop, the program doesn’t stop and hampers you from closing down the scan window.
The issue generally arises when the device handling the scanning process fails to respond and stopped working.
In such situation, you can follow the below instructions for fixing the error. You can also consult the team of Trend Micro Support Australia at 1800-870-079.

For resolving the problem, you are required to disable the antivirus program for nearly 30 seconds and then activate it again.

Follow the steps mentioned below to stop Trend Micro antivirus from scanning:

A) From System Tray, turn off the software

  • From System Tray, right click on the software icon. If you are unable to find the icon in the tray, then tap on the arrow button for viewing the other icons.
  • Choose exit.
  • Wait for some moment to let the icon disappear from the system tray. The antivirus is disabled once the icon disappears from the system tray.
  • Now, wait for next 30 seconds.

B) Now you can enable the antivirus program.

  • Depending upon the Windows Operating System, select the procedure for opening the program by performing the below directions:
    1. Windows 10: For opening the Trend Micro, from desktop or system tray, double click on the Trend Micro icon.
    2. Windows 8/ 8.1: Access the software by tapping on its icon from the Windows Start Screen.
    3. Windows 7: For opening the main console of antivirus program, perform any of the following direction.

  • Double click on antivirus icon either from the desktop or from the system tray.
  • Click on Start then go to Programs or All Programs. From there choose the antivirus.
    1. Trend Micro Antivirus + Security
    2. Trend Micro Internet Security
    3. Trend Micro Maximum Security

  • Now, run Scan on your device.

If you are having any issue with any of the above step or facing any other technical glitch then feel free to contact the team of experts by reaching them on their toll free number. You can also reach them via Trend Micro Customer Support Phone Number 1800(870)(079) and they are ready to assist you round the clock.

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