How to Reclassify Website or URL in Trend Micro Site?

Posted by Jennifer, on 10:50 AM
Trend Micro Writer

Sometimes, Trend Micro classifies incorrectly or rates the websites wrong. In such situation, the user can visit Site Safety Center of the antivirus to get their site reclassified. It allows them to verify and go through the website’s categories or rating. Accordingly they request for the reclassification via feedback link.

Follow the below process for sending a request for reclassification:

  • Start the procedure by accessing the ‘Trend Micro Site Safety Center’.
  • Click on ‘Check Now’ button after entering the URL or website which you want to be reclassified.
  • Tap on ‘Reclassify Request’.
  • Now, choose the ‘Safety Rating’.
    - If the site is mistakenly rated as unsafe then select ‘Safe’.
    - Choose ‘Dangerous’ if website is malicious.
  • Category Selection: Follow the below steps to suggest another category if you think the site has been mistakenly classified.
    - Tap on ‘Select’ after choosing the ‘Suggest a different category’.
    - You will see a ‘Suggest a different category’ window.
    - Select the suitable category for the site.
    - For checking the details tap on ‘About our Safety Ratings’ and select the category accordingly.
  • Introduce yourself
    - Choose ‘I own the website’ if the site is requested for reclassification.
    - Tap on ‘I am a Trend Micro customer’ if you are a customer.
  • If you don’t find any suitable category available in the form and have recommendations, then fill it up in the comments box.
  • Once you have entered email address and verification code then tap on OK. You will receive a validation link on your registered email address. You can click on the link for confirming the site reclassification request.
  • Go through the request after checking inbox. Wait till you get response from Trend Micro team for verification.

Call Trend Micro Support Australia for reclassification details of URL or website

If you want more information about the above process or encountering any other issue then get in touch with technical expertise for help. You can call the experts at Trend Micro Support Number Australia 1800-870-079 and the specialists will guide you through the recovery process.

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