Fix Errors While Upgrading Trend Micro Deep Security Relay

Posted by Jonas, on 09:20 AM
Trend Micro Writer

You might have encountered with an error message when Deep Security Relay upgrading fails. You receive ‘Removal or modification of this application is prohibited by its security settings’. Well, this issue occurs when you have enabled agent self-protection feature on your device. For resolving this issue, you will need to disable the agent self-protection for upgrading the DSR. Make sure you remove it on the host level and performing it globally can pose a security risk.

This error occurs when you run the upgrade from agent side. You won’t have to modify the self-protection settings if you perform the upgrade from Deep Security Manager console.

Follow the below steps for disabling the agent self-protection on host level:

  • Begin by logging into the Deep Security management console.
  • Now select the ‘Computers’ and tap on the device details.
  • Go to Settings> System Settings> Computer.
  • Within the ‘Agent Self Protection’, perform any one of the following step:
    1. For local overriding, set a password.
    2. Either set the ‘No’ option or unmark from the options ‘Prevent local end-users from uninstalling, stopping or otherwise modifying the Agent’.

You can also reset the agent configuration which includes self-protection feature if DSA is not linked or configured with the agent-initiated communication.

With the help of above directions you can remove or modify the application which is prohibited due to security settings while upgrading the Trend Micro antivirus feature.

If you are facing any issue while upgrading or have other technical glitches then reach Trend Micro Customer Support Australia for help.

Let Trend Micro Support Australia team guides you with the process

If you need expert’s assistance with the above instructions or want to upgrade the antivirus on your device(s) then you can easily reach our team. You can contact them at Trend Micro Helpline Number 1800870079 and let them assist you. The team of specialists will guide you anytime as they are available 24/7. You can also reach them via email.

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