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Can I upgrade my Trend Micro Application to the latest version?

Posted by User, on 10:45 AM
Trend Micro Writer

You can upgrade your Trend Micro Antivirus application to the latest version while you meet the following conditions:

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Where Can I Find My Registration Information?

Posted by User, on 10:45 AM
Trend Micro Writer

Your activation code is available on the WFBS-SVC console under Administration > License.
The Activation Codes has 37 characters and looks like:: xx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

Registering and activating your copy of WFBS-SVC entitles you the following benefits:

  • Updates to the WFBS-SVC pattern files and scan engine
  • Technical support
  • Easy access in viewing the license expiration update, registration and license information, and renewal reminders
  • Easy access in renewing your license and updating the customers profile
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